The Palm Beach Golf Cars Story


My name is Patrick Boylan. I have worked in the golf car business since 1988 but I sometimes think I have been in it my whole life. My father’s business that I worked for was formed the year I was born, 1967. Over the years I have worked in every aspect of the golf car business.

My Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather have all been business owners. In 1907 my Great Grandfather Otis H Boylan founded the Kalamazoo Implement Company. They sold farm implements and eventually Horseless Carriages. Otis and my Grandfather, Lester Boylan, later formed Boylan Buick. Lester and his son, my father Jim, owned and operated the car dealership until 1974 when they sold it.

My father was looking for new opportunities in the late 1960’s and in 1967 he formed Boylan Leasing, a golf car company. This company, later named Boylan Sales and Boylan Golf Cars operated until 2013. At that time my father decided to sell his business. His business consisted of three locations, two in Michigan and one in Florida. The Michigan business were sold to Golf Cars +, and I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase the assets of the Florida location. I named the new business Palm Beach Golf Cars.

Excellent Service, Outstanding Products, and Great Relationships are the hallmarks that have made my forefathers successful. It is my honor to continue their great work.